Communication Director, Housemarket SA (ΙΚΕΑ)

Άντα Γιαννεσκή

Ada Gianneskis, grew up between Toronto, Canada and Athens Greece. She is married and a mother of two.

Her carrier has always been is in the communication field, and is a marketing and communication executive with a 18 year experience, and currently Communication Director of Housemarket SA (IKEA franchise for Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria), leading all commercial and corporate communication & marketing, interior design and the food and beverage business.

She has great marketing experience having being both Advertising manager and Marketing Manager of IKEA, and Brand managers in Samsung and other electronic goods brands.

Ada holds an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, and a specialization in Sports marketing.

Additionally, she is a certified facilitator for inter IKEA (senior coach) and has facilitated a significant amount of trainings (for IKEA locally and internationally, but also the Fourlis Group, AUEB etc.). Teaching and facilitating is something she is very passionate about.

During off time, she loves sports, cooking and travelling.

The Keynote

“IKEA Putting the Customer at the heart“


Ελλάδα: Βασίλης Κουτσαβλής, T: +30 210 6617777 (εσωτ. 129), Ε: [email protected]
Κύπρος: Έλενα Χατζηνικολάου, (+357) 96 494925, E: [email protected]
Ελλάδα: Άννα Γυπαράκη, Τ: +30 210 6617 777 (εσωτ. 152)  Ε: [email protected]
Ελλάδα: Σπύρος Λεοντάρης, Τ: +30 210 6617 777 (εσωτ. 215)  Ε: [email protected]
Κύπρος: Γιώργος Λοϊζου, T: +357 99 103323, E: [email protected]
Κύπρος: Ιωάννα Αντωνίου, T: +357 99 494653, E: [email protected]
Νατάσα Σινιώρη, T: +30 210 6617777 (εσωτ. 389), E: [email protected]


  Κλεισθένους 338, 15344, Γέρακας, Αττική, Ελλάδα
  +30 210 6617777
  +30 210 6617778