CEO and Founder, Super B2B Marketing

Danielle Hall

Danielle is an omnichannel expert in apparel fashion retail. A creative and driven marketing leader, experienced at coordinating all areas of the marketing mix, both at a strategic and tactical level with proven lead generation results within the Retail, Tech, FS, and Digital Cloud-based Software Industry.

Heading up the global marketing strategy (B2B2C) for Rakuten Fits Me to increase brand awareness, execute product launches and drive growth in established and new markets through lead generation/nurturing. This includes demand generation, inbound marketing, PR & influencer engagement, online and offline events, digital, social and content syndication.

Fits Me works with enterprise retailers, providing them with a fit recommendation tool designed to personalize the online consumer experience. technology enables apparel retailers to give their shoppers an individualized shopping experience regardless of the channel. By capturing personal preferences and individual shopper data at the point of engagement. empowers retailers with information to have one-to-one, highly relevant engagements both online, in-store and via digital messaging.

The Keynote

“Personalized Customer Experience in Retail”


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