Frans Reichardt

Frans Reichardt encourages companies, brands, teams and professionals to embrace and grow a listening mindset as a critical foundation for success. He inspires and motivates his audience to become better listeners in order to improve their performance and work towards long-term sustainable relationships and growth.

Frans has worked in marketing and customer experience for over 35 years. In recent years, he studied the power of listening and became a global, sought-after speaker, who has spoken over a 1,000 times worldwide.

Author of 7 books on business, marketing and customers, Frans has trained and inspired professionals with his ‘Customer Journey Mapping’ and ‘Stop Selling, Start Listening’ keynotes and trainings.

Σύνοψη Ομιλίας

See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Hear Me
Your Customer Loyalty Tables Have Started To Turn

Πώς οι επιτυχημένες εταιρείες καταφέρνουν να βάλουν τους πελάτες στο επίκεντρο της εταιρείας και να κάνουν ολόκληρη την εταιρεία επικεντρωμένη στον πελάτη;
Ποιο είναι το μυστικό τους; Χρησιμοποιώντας πρωτότυπες προσεγγίσεις από ψυχολογία, επιστημονική έρευνα και πρακτικά παραδείγματα, ο Frans ρίχνει φως στην ουσία του customer loyalty!


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