Adam Posner
Keynote Speaker

Adam Posner

Customer Loyalty Specialist, CEO of The Point of Loyalty, Author of loyalty research - For Love or Money™
  • Adam (CEO and founder) is an independent customer loyalty specialist.
  • He has been a data-driven marketer for over 29 years and is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional - CLMP™.
  • In 2007 he founded the direct marketing agency Directivity and in 2017 established a divisional brand – The Point of Loyalty.
  • The Point of Loyalty is dedicated to building thriving customer loyalty assets based on their proven framework -  ‘Profit from the seven zones of loyalty program performance’.
  • Adam has designed and deployed customer loyalty, rewards and membership program strategies, customer and member  research for organisations operating in retail (various categories of retail), hospitality, hotels & holiday parks, child-care, financial services, shopping centres, leisure and entertainment, trade, education and B2B industries.
  • Adam is also the author of a practical book on loyalty programs,
    “Give-back to Get-back - 9 steps to a profitable loyalty program".
  • Since 2013, he has commissioned, co-authored and is author of 16 in-depth Australian and New Zealand customer loyalty and loyalty program research studies For Love or Money™ 
  • The research has been accessed both nationally and internationally. It has also featured in the media where Adam has provided interviews and insights on customer loyalty programs.
  • Adam presents on customer loyalty and loyalty programs nationally and internationally.