Charlie Hills
Keynote Speaker, Live from London

Charlie Hills

Chief Strategy Officer at Mando-Connect, Let’s Talk Loyalty Podcast Host and Author of Understanding Loyalty Across Europe White Paper
  • Charlie Hills is the Co-Founder, MD and Head of Strategy at Mando-Connect. They design brilliant loyalty, promotions, partnerships and rewards solutions that get results, based on the smart use of cutting-edge data and insight, using their specially built Insights Engine™.
  • They work on programmes including Lidl Plus, VeryMe Rewards from Vodafone and BMW Inside Edge and have won the prestigious “Best Loyalty Programme in Western Europe” 2 years in a row, alongside wins for Best Coupon Based Loyalty Programme, Best Retail Programme, Best Long Term Programme, Best Use of Gamification, Best Loyalty Innovation, Best B2B Programme and Loyalty Redefined.
  • Charlie has 25 years’ experience in the loyalty industry and has worked across multiple sectors and markets and all stages of the loyalty lifecycle.
  • She has authored multiple white papers on loyalty including the “What the Brits Want from Loyalty” series and “Understanding Loyalty in Europe.”
  • Charlie also believes strongly in loyalty education and is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) and a teaching member of the Loyalty Academy Faculty.
  • She is also a host for the “Let’s Talk Loyalty” podcast, an Editor at Large for the Wise Marketer and regularly speaks at Loyalty Conferences and events.