Dr. Anil V. Pillai
Keynote Speaker

Dr. Anil V. Pillai

Director, Terragni Consulting

Dr. Pillai is a veteran human engagement expert and entrepreneur. He has over two and a half decades of experience in designing and building insight and engagement solutions.  His area of expertise is in the areas of Deep Insights, Behaviour design, Habit Design, and Emotions and using these to build and execute customer and employee engagement and experience solutions for organizations. Dr Pillai’s doctoral research was in the area of Cognitive and Decision sciences. He is a certified Neuroscience Coach and is currently on the global research editorial board of the Neuroscience in Business Association (NMSBA) and an individual founding member of CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association).

He currently is a Director with Terragni Consulting Ltd – A strategy consulting organization, and a Director with Buyer Brain Ltd – A London Headquartered, neuroscience research and innovation organization

He currently works with Fortune 500 companies which are some of the largest brands in Asia and Europe both in B-B and B-C.

He is a columnist and speaker at global forums on Behaviours, Engagement and Strategy and has written extensively in these areas. He has also been awarded on multiple global fora in these areas.