CEO, Wallet-Com & Loyalty Expert at LoyalGuru

Jose Javier Diaz Garcia

José Javier Díaz actually is CEO and Founder Partner of Wallet-Com, the most innovative platform in mobile wallet communication as the direct digital channel that is giving the best results in customer engagement, loyalty and increasing sales.

He has an extensive experience of more than 25 years working in relational marketing, CRM, DMP, CDP, Ecommerce and loyalty both in the agency side and client side in markets like Spain, Uk and Perú, for big clients in banking, distribution, telecom, fashion, tecnology, automotive, travel, fmcg, energy, ong, esports. Example of loyalty programs like Movistar, Santander, Iberia, Carrefour, Global Exchange, Renault, Nestlé, Kelloggs, LaLiga, Peugeot, El Corte Inglés, Kiabi, Mahou San Miguel, etc. Big knowledge in technology including Marketing Automation tools like Salesforce, Teallium, Thunderhead, Human Data, amongst others.

He is a usual speaker and lecturer at various universities like The Valley Business School, Esic, K-School, EAE, etc.

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