International Keynote Speaker and High Performance Coach to Global Elite

Paul Bellard

In our modern world of increasing competitiveness, financial-caution and economic challenge, and constant change, the difference that makes the difference in taking a company from ‘survive to thrive’ and from good to great, is no longer only the best price or the best product. It is, in fact, good old fashioned, value-added ‘quality of service’!

Even better than that is ‘Customer Service-Excellence’.

In these competitive times, ‘service excellence’ must be the ‘de-facto way to serve customers – and it must be done with authenticity, enthusiasm and consistency.

Paul is a seasoned inspirational speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach. He has worked with major corporations in over eighty cities and thirty countries around the world, including Europe, the USA, Asia and extensively, the Middle East.

Initially specialising in Business Management and ISO Certified Quality Management systems, Paul soon recognised that even the most robust business management system, can’t possibly deliver effective, efficient, or consistent levels of customer service if the workforce is demotivated, demoralised or untrained.

Yet surprisingly, Paul’s passion for ‘service excellence’ began a long time before his international consultancy role. In fact, he learned about customer service during his time as a serving police officer in the city of Liverpool, and in this inspiring talk, he will share what arresting ‘villains’ taught him about the critical importance of excellent customer service and the value of getting it Right – First Time, Every Time!

Paul will blend his expertise and experience to motivate and help you to implement, not merely a new strategy, trick or technique to convince customers that you care, but an attitude, way of thinking, and way of life that proves you care, and which creates ‘raving fan’ loyal customers.

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